CNN’s S.E. Cupp Hits Joe Biden’s Campaign Missteps: ‘It Seems to Me Like Biden’s Been Cryogenically Frozen’


CNN host S.E. Cupp hit Joe Biden’s recent campaign missteps, saying it appears like the 2020 presidential contender has been “cryogenically frozen” and has not seen how politics has changed.

“It seems to me like Biden’s cryogenically frozen for the past decade or two. Someone woke him up and he’s running one of his old campaigns where he could defend the crime bill or wax nostalgic about working with racists,” Cupp said. “We’re not in that place.”

Cupp was speaking on her Saturday show S.E. Cupp Unfiltered following a speech from Biden in South Carolina running down his campaign issues.

CNN political commentator Doug Heye agreed, saying, “We’re kind of in the first 20 minutes of Austin Powers right now where he’s come out of the cryogenic freezer.”

“He can talk about working with John McCain,” Heye said, “It can set up Biden to be back in the Trump versus Joe fight that always benefits him.”

Cupp asked CNN’s David Axelrod about Biden’s avoidance of sit-down interviews with the media so far in the campaign.

“He’s, in essence, starving the press, which means we only have these controversies to focus on. Should he give us more access?” Cupp asked.

“I think he’s going to have to,” Axelrod responded. “For Joe Biden, in my view, for him to be the nominee of this party, he has to show that he’s up to it, that he’s vigorous enough and that involves exposing yourself in ways he hasn’t exposed himself yet.”

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