Marianne Williamson: Debate Wasn’t ‘Exciting,’ Many Dems Likely Watched and Realized ‘We Might Be in Trouble’


Marianne Williamson has been critical of the Democratic party on the campaign trail, and she said today that the left needs to wake up and realize they’re in a “state of denial” about how to beat President Donald Trump.

Williamson spoke with MSNBC’s Alex Witt this afternoon and said, “This president is not just a politician, he is a phenomenon. The Democrats are sharpening their knives, he will be bringing a gun to this battle. We need to recognize that we have the same person we had last time, so coming against him with the same stuff that we lost last time — he will be who he was last time but on steroids, the power of incumbency, the power of the Russians with him for all we know.”

She said Democrats need to excite more people, and not just the liberal base, adding, “It’s about the millions of people who didn’t vote last time. It’s about the people who voted for Jill Stein. We need to be talking like real Democrats about something so much deeper than just a rational analysis of policy and how we all need to come together.”

Williamson did say rather bluntly that she will “absolutely not” consider a third party run or do “anything to take ten votes away from the Democratic candidate.”

At one point she went off on last week’s debate:

“Do you think those 14 million people thought that was a really exciting evening? I mean, the candidates themselves are lovely people. But Alex, what are we doing here? Why are making the democratic debates everything? They are one thing, and they’re an important thing because of all the eyeballs, but I think if anything, there are a lot of Democrats who saw that debate the other night and going, ‘We might be in trouble here.’ There was nothing super exciting that was emerging from that screen, Alex, I’m sorry.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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