Matt Gaetz Calls for Full Election Audit and Threatens to Fight to ‘Stop the Electoral College from Being Certified’


Congressman Matt Gaetz actually threatened on Fox News Friday night that he would fight to “stop the electoral college from being certified” if it comes to that.

Sean Hannity — who has been repeatedly sowing doubt about the election and telling his viewers they would be right not to trust the results — brought on several Republicans to back up the Trump team’s legal battle.

Gaetz talked up the system in Florida before declaring that “every state legislature seeing these irregularities should demand an audit, and they should not be willing to certify electors to the electoral college until those audits have been completed.”

“If we allow ballots to be counted without the transparency and observation that the law requires, Republicans will never win another election ever again. That is what’s at stake,” Gaetz cnntinued.

He attacked Republicans “who are ready to throw in the towel now” and said every single one of them needs to fight for the president on this.

As the segment wrapped, Gaetz made a point of actually saying this:

“A full audit is absolutely necessary, we should get injunctions if necessary. And if I have to do it, I’ll fight on the floor of the House of Representatives to stop the electoral college from being certified. We only need one senator to join to ensure that that challenge will then be subject to a full vote of the Congress and the Senate.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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