Mayor Pete Says He Wants to Cut the Prison Population By Half: We Need an ‘Aggressive Plan’

Presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg is calling to cut the U.S. prison population in half should he win the White House.

Buttigieg made the comment during an interview with Craig Melvin on MSNBC Live Thursday.

“All of us will be better off when America is no longer the most incarcerated among the developed nations, which is why we need an aggressive plan to cut incarceration by half in this country. I’m convinced we can do it without an increase in crime,” Buttigieg said.

Melvin noted that Buttigieg has made a number of ambitious policy proposals.

“You call for billions for HBCUs. You call for DC statehood. You call for purchasing abandoned properties and turning them over to eligible residents. You compare this to the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild Europe after World War II. Does a plan like this — does it stand a chance of passing? Does it stand a chance of becoming a reality in day’s political environment?”

“I think it’s going to have to,” Buttigieg replied. “We have to elevate this beyond being viewed as a specialty issue. You might hear about only when candidates of color or audiences of color are in play. The problem of systemic racism brought this country to its knees in the 19th century.

“If we don’t tackle this in my lifetime, that this could unravel the whole American project in my lifetime,” he said.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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