Sen. Warren Chides Dem Debate Audience Reaction to Sick Patient Story: ‘This Isn’t Funny!’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren firmly cut off laughter from the Democratic debate audience when she returned to finish an anecdote about Ady Barkan, an ALS patient who has to beg his insurance company and others to pay the staggering healthcare costs he faces every month to keep himself alive: “This isn’t funny.”

“So giant corporations and billionaires are going to pay more. Middle-class families are going to pay less out-of-pocket for their health care. But I’d like to finish talking about Ady,” she said at the beginning of an answer about Medicare for All.

“This isn’t funny,” she then interjected, cutting off the crowd’s laughter that she was so insistent about telling his story. “The guy who has ALS, this isn’t this is somebody who has health insurance and dying. Every month he has about $9,000 in medical bills that his insurance company won’t cover. His wife Rachel is on the phone for hours and hours and hours begging the insurance company please cover what the doctors say he needs. He talks about what it’s like to go online with thousands of other people to beg friends, family, and strangers for money so he can cover his medical expenses. The basic profit model of an insurance company is taking as much money as you can in premiums and payout as little as possible in health care coverage. That is not working for Americans.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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