Trump Campaign Freezes Majority of TV Spending, Blames Demotion of Brad Parscale for Need to ‘Review’ Re-Election Strategy


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President Donald Trump’s campaign has frozen a majority of its TV spending less than 100 days before the 2020 election. A campaign official said the demotion of former campaign manager Brad Parscale has led them to start a “review” and “fine-tuning” of their re-election strategy.

“With the leadership change in the campaign, there’s understandably a review and fine-tuning of the campaign’s strategy. We’ll be back on the air shortly, even more forcefully exposing Joe Biden as a puppet of the radical left-wing,” a Trump campaign official told NBC News.

Parscale was demoted from campaign manager to being a senior adviser on the campaign on July 15, while deputy campaign manager Bill Stepien was promoted. Nearly every nationwide poll has Trump facing an 7 to 9-point deficit to Biden before the start of August, and scrambling to break even in new battleground states like Georgia and Texas.

Advertising Analytics reports that Trump’s campaign has scaled back on its advertising in the last couple of days and has virtually no ad money currently lined up for August.

Multiple media outlets reported on Wednesday that both the Trump campaign and his super PAC have stopped buying television and radio ads in Michigan, a battleground state worth 16 electoral votes. Joe Biden’s campaign reportedly doubled its total advertising in Michigan from June to July.

Trump’s biggest current ad buy promotes a misleading claim that Biden wants to defund police departments. In an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, Trump said Biden supports defunding the police but Wallace pushed back and debunked the charge. Eventually, Trump couldn’t prove his claim in Biden’s charter signed with Bernie Sanders. Biden has also raged against inaccuracies in the campaign’s most-run advertisement, as well.

“That has never been my position, it is not my position now,” Biden said. “Where I stand on it is police have to clean up their act.”

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