Trump Pushes Series of Baseless Election Fraud Claims to Maria Bartiromo, Complains About Legal Setbacks: ‘What Kind of Court System Is This?’


President Donald Trump continued to push baseless claims about the election on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News program Sunday, as he complained about the court system that has rejected legal challenge after legal challenge from his lawyers.

Trump continued to insist to Bartiromo that he won the election except for all the fraud that went on, repeatedly complaining that there’s no way Joe Biden could have gotten as many votes as he did.

Bartiromo asked how he would prove this in the courts, telling him, “Elections are the reason that our young men and women go on battlefields across the world and in some cases lose their lives, because they believe that their vote, my vote, matters just as much as your vote, and if that is not true, this is a very serious turning point for America.”

“So this is no longer about you, President Trump. This is about America and many people agree with you,” Bartiromo actually said.

The president insisted “we have so much evidence” but the judges “won’t allow us” to put it in. He touted the event Pennsylvania Republicans held in Gettysburg last week that he called into.

Judge after judge has rejected the Trump team’s claims, including a Trump appointee in Pennsylvania just a few days ago.

He against mail-in voting, he referenced the conspiracy theory about Dominion voting machines, and said at one point (emphasis ours), “From what everybody is saying — and I don’t even think we have to prove this — they say that I was doing so much better than they thought, that they panicked, and they started just doing ballot after ballot very quickly and just checking the Biden name on top.”

And Trump continued to complain about judges rejecting their cases:

“We have stories that are unbelievable, but we’re not allowed to put in our proof. They say you don’t have standing. I said I’d like to file to the lawyers. I would like to file one nice big beautiful lawsuit. Talking about this and many other things, with tremendous proof. We have affidavits, we have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits… They say, sir, you don’t have standing. I say, I don’t have standing you mean as president of the United States, I don’t have standing? What kind of a court system is this? And the judges stay away from it.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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