Trump Supporters Defend President to CNN Reporter at Oregon Dune Buggy Rally: ‘I Think He’s Racist Against Lazy People’


CNN reporter Elle Reeve spent a day with Donald Trump supporters at an unofficial campaign dune buggy rally in Oregon and got a series of interesting responses when she pressed them on some of the most common criticism of the president.

On a Tuesday night episode of Cuomo Prime Time, Reeve’s segment from Winchester Bay, Oregon examined the latest iteration of the Trump boat parades and car caravans that have spontaneously popped up over the past few months.

“I like alpha males. I think President Trump is an alpha male,” explained one male Trump supporter amid plenty of shots of dirt bikes, ATVs and highly specialized — and Trump flag bedecked — dune buggies.

“Unofficial trump events like this have been happening all over the country,” Reeve noted. “While Trump’s working class supporters have gotten a lot of attention, in 2016 a third of his voters made more than $100,000 a year. In fact support for Trump is particularly strong among white voters who have high incomes for their area, the ‘locally rich.'”

Reeve then hopped in a two-seat dune buggy with a Trump supporter, Eric Nelson, who made sure to catch air over a jump with her inside, prompting her to yell out.

“Hopefully you heard her scream,” he said, smiling, after landing.

“The reason we’re here to support Trump is because we believe that trump will help us keep the money that we make and let us be able to work as hard as we want and not give our money away,” Nelson said, before trafficking in an old trope about lazy welfare cheats. “People like Nancy Pelosi can, you know, get her fundings through to give money to people who aren’t willing to work for it. I worked all my life, I had to work through college so I could get my job and do what I enjoy which is an activity like this and spend 15, $20,000 on toys because I choose to.”

“He really is for your hard working people,” said another Trump supporter sitting in the cab of his pick-up truck with the window rolled down. “Do I think he’s racist? No. I think he’s racist against lazy people.”

“He can be crass,” the “alpha male” Trump supporter conceded. “But we didn’t hire him as a president. We hired him because he was a businessperson and that’s what America needed because our country was starting to tank.”

“But isn’t part of his job being a moral leader?” Reeve asked another man, covered in a stars and stripes jumpsuit.

“I don’t believe so,” the man responded. “He says things that upsets people and we just don’t care and we think he’s helping all those people because they don’t fully understand what’s going on.”

Back in the studio, host Chris Cuomo pointed to the disconnect between the Trump supporters’ impressions of the president and reality.

“It’s very interesting,” he noted. “They feel Trump is one of them even though he doesn’t check any of the boxes that the guy who was talking to you checked in his own life.”

“I think they see part of their identity as being businessmen, as being successful, as being the product of hard work and the power of their own determination,” Reeve explained. “And they think Donald Trump will protect that.”

“It’s amazing, you know, especially for business owners. If they didn’t have the money behind them that Trump had, they would be out of business, you know?” Cuomo concluded, alluding to Trump’s many bankruptcies. “It’s so funny that they reward in him what they would never respect in somebody who actually does what they do.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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