Twitter Erupts as GOP’s Lone Black Rep, Trump Critic Will Hurd, Announces Departure: ‘An Absolute Earthquake’


Texas Congressman Will Hurd, whose represents a district whose boundary is the longest in the country along the U.S.-Mexico border, just announced he will be retiring in 2020 and the news sent shock-waves through political Twitter.

Hurd is the seventh Republican to announce he or she will be stepping down after this term in Congress end. He joins two other Texas Republicans and two of the 13 women who are House Republicans as well as a member of the GOP House leadership. But the departure of Hurd, a moderate who was the lone Republican to win in a district that went for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and who is also the party’s lone African-American House member, was quickly seen as a bellwether of Republican pessimism for retaking the House majority in 2020.

Screengrab via CNN.

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