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Van Jones Warns Dems at ‘Dangerous’ Moment: Party Needs to Reach Out to Upset Sanders Supporters

With the likelihood of Joe Biden winning the Democratic nomination growing after Tuesday night’s election results, CNN’s Van Jones issued a serious warning to Democrats about this “dangerous” moment.

Jones emphasized that Democrats cannot be gloating about Sanders losing and leaving his voters behind, and should instead be reaching out to them:

“You have now an insurgency that’s about to be defeated. What do you do with the people that you defeat? There was a hope on the part of a lot of young people they had a champion. Young people who are graduating with a quarter million dollars in debt, young people with a lot of pain, and they had a champion. And they thought they were going to be able to surround the divided establishment with their movement, crush that divided establishment, and move forward. Instead, the establishment united and stopped them. Now what do you do? Last time Bernie Sanders got beaten, there was an assumption that all his people were going to fall in line and vote against Trump and there was not enough care for the concern and the pain of his base.

“I think tonight, there’g going to be a lot of crowing, a lot of relief on the part of the establishment, but keep it temperate and turn — turn to those people and say we want to be your champion. If you don’t do that, you’re going to have a pyrrhic victory.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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