WATCH: Skeptical Chris Matthews Repeatedly Challenges Warren About Bloomberg Accuser’s ‘Kill It’ Claim: ‘Why Would He Lie?’


MSNBC host Chris Matthews repeatedly challenged Sen. Elizabeth Warren about her debate attack on 2020 Democratic rival Mike Bloomberg, in which the Massachusetts senator recounted a claim that the media tycoon once told a former employee to “kill it” once he found out she was pregnant.

Matthews wasted no time at the start of his interview with Warren, immediately pushing her to re-affirm and explain why she brought up the incendiary charge against the billionaire Democratic candidate, which was one of the tensest moments of a highly contentious debate. Matthews’ clear skepticism of the woman’s claims came just one day after a huge landmark victory for the #MeToo movement, when powerful Hollywood producer and serial sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein was convicted on two counts of rape and sexual assault.

“Do you believe that the former mayor of New York said that to a pregnant employee?” Matthews asked bluntly, to start the interview without any other preamble.

“The pregnant employee sure said he did,” Warren shot back. “Why shouldn’t I believe her? I’m really tired of this world. This one is personal for me. It really is. Look, pregnancy discrimination is real, and these — we have gone on and on where people say, ‘Oh, I can’t really believe the woman.’ Really? Why not?”

In fact, there’s now more corroboration of the accuser’s claim. According to a new report in the Washington Post last week, another former Bloomberg employee says he heard the conversation first-hand and he confirms that the media tycoon told the pregnant woman to “Kill it.” This witness also called Bloomberg’s language “outrageous.”

“Mayor Bloomberg has nondisclosure agreements for who knows how many women. And it’s not just the one,” Warren pointed out. “The whole point is how can you actually trust someone who will not just say, ‘Look, I’m going to waive on nondisclosure on sexual harassment and discrimination. Anybody who has a story to tell can come tell their story.'”

“Sure, I agree with everybody deserves a credible response when they make a charge like that,” Matthews said. “My question about him: Do you believe he’s lying?”

“I believe the woman…” Warren reiterated.

“Do you believe he’s lying?” Matthews cut in.

“…which means he’s not telling the truth,” Warren confirmed.

“Why would he lie? Because just to protect himself?” Matthews asked.

“Yeah,” Warren responded with more than a hint of exasperation in her voice. “And why would she lie?”

As Matthews shrugged and turned his head, Warren followed up: “I mean that’s the question, Chris. Why do you assume that he’s the guy…”

“I just want to make sure you’re clear about this,” Matthews said, to someone who had already confirmed her belief in Bloomberg’s accuser several times. “You’re confident of your accusation?”

“All I know is what she said and what he said,” Warren said. “And I’ve been on her end of it in the sense of discrimination based on pregnancy. It happens all across this country, and men all across this country say, ‘Oh, my gosh. He never would have said that.’ Really?

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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