Wisconsin Elections Official on MSNBC Bashes Trump Fraud Claims Ahead of Recount: ‘Kind of Disinformation’ We Expected ‘From the Kremlin’


The Trump campaign is sowing the same seeds of distrust in the nation’s election that was expected originate from foreign adversaries like Russia.

That’s the takeaway that one county clerk from Madison, Wisconsin offered up on MSNBC on Wednesday, as he prepared for a recount requested and paid for by the Trump campaign.

Dane County Clerk Scott McDonald — appearing with Milwaukee County Clerk George Christiansen — explained to MSNBC anchor Ayman Mohyeldin that his jurisdiction’s vote count went especially smoothly this cycle and that he saw no irregularities in the handling of both the mail-in and in-person ballots. And yet, his county and Milwaukee County, which are also home to the state’s two largest minority populations, had been singled out for baseless accusations of election misconduct by the Trump campaign.

“Let me ask you really quickly, then, Clerk McDonald, about the sheer volume of misinformation coming from the White House about so-called irregularities,” Mohyeldin said. “How are you dealing with it?”

“It’s so frustrating,” McDonald replied. “You know, we were trained. George and I trained for a year and a half or more for this kind of disinformation to come from the Kremlin. You know, that’s what we were trying to figure out how we were going to try to mitigate that disinformation and point it out. A lot of these,  we never thought it would be coming from ourselves, from within the United States, and it’s so frustrating.”

“We worked so hard to make sure everything is transparent, that you can observe every point of the process, that you can be in the polling place and observe people voting, you can be at the canvas, you can be at the recount and watch it,” he added. “You know, in Dane County, we even publish every ballot image to the web. You can click through every single one. But it’s impossible to keep up with the president’s Twitter account and how that replicates, so, you know, it’s tough on clerks all across the country. But especially in places like Wisconsin.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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