‘You’re EVIL!’ Scorching Barrage of Weekend Update Trump Indictment Jokes Ends With Prank That Gets Huge Laugh From SNL Crowd


Saturday Night Live lampooned the news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment with a bombardment of gags that ended with an April Fool’s Day prank involving co-anchor Colin Jost.

Quinta Brunson was the guest host on this week’s edition of Saturday Night Live. Lil Yachty was the musical guest.

But many fans of the sketch show wait around just to see the musical guest, then catch the weekly nightly news parody anchored by Colin Jost and Michael Che.

This week, the first solid three minutes or so of the Update segment was devoted to the news that Trump was indicted Thursday by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s grand jury investigating the circumstances around hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. According to reports, Trump faces 34 counts in the sealed indictment and will be arrested and arraigned on Tuesday.

The bloc ended with Jost performing a joke at his own expense that didn’t go quite how he planned:

MICHAEL CHE: Trump is reportedly being charged with 34 counts of business fraud. Business fraud is also what they call the Trump costume at Spirit Halloween.

President Biden on Friday told reporters that he had no comment on Trump’s indictment. And then he danced away like the Six Flags God.

COLIN JOST: I think in general that people might be overreacting to this indictment like an actual headline on CNN yesterday was “nothing in American history approaches the tumult of the charging and possible trial and conviction of a former president.”.

A more accurate headline would be “man we all knew was criminal, may be criminal.

At this point, it feels like even pro-Trump people have moved on. I mean, I went down to the courthouse today and I was the only protester there, he said.

MICHAEL CHE: YOU STINK! (pause) I told them not to laugh at you for April Fool’s.


COLIN JOST: I was (inaudible) Am I not mic’ed? And then I was just like, Oh, I just suck!

MICHAEL CHE: Alright, moving right along, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene…


Jost went on to say “That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done. I was covered in sweat,” and when the audience tried to laugh at a subsequent joke, he scolded “Don’t even dare! Don’t you even DARE try now!”

Watch above via NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

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