Anthony Bourdain Now Making Random Appearances At NYC Comedy Clubs

Image credit: averagebetty.comIn a recent interview with Eater Dallas, Anthony Bourdain touched upon the things you’d expect him to touch upon: what’s your favorite place to eat in Dallas? Were you really that drunk when you shot episodes of The Layover? What’s up with that CNN thing? But he did mention one very, very new fact: he’s now performing stand-up comedy.

Granted, he says that it’s to try out new material for his upcoming Guts and Glory speaking tour. Still, as professional snarky people, it’s a relief to know that Bourdain, like the rest of us, has to practice at being witty and clever. It’s especially relieving to see that he’s not superhumanly immune to being onstage:


And that he’s not a dick to people he happened to bump:

Does anyone have video of these performances? More importantly: will we actually get to see dick jokes on CNN? Will Anderson Cooper invite Bourdain onto Anderson Live! for sass-offs? Will Wolf Blitzer actually blush for once in his life? The world has changed so much.

[Eater Dallas]

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