WATCH: Food Network Star Contestants Meet Paula Deen

This week on Food Network Star, the remaining eight finalists traveled to Miami for the SoBe Food and Wine Festival. While the extra dose of vitamin D helped Ippy find his groove again, the rest of the contestants were equally stoked to meet Queen of Southern Cuisine Paula Deen, and cook for her and her family. Her husband, son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids were all on hand to see what the aspiring Food Network Stars would serve up for a beach-side party. They also had to decorate the event and create a kid-friendly version of their meals for the tykes on hand.

Paula and Marty were insta-BFFs, and the Food Network doyenne seemed to legitimately believe Justin was the reincarnation of Elvis. Look how excited he is about it!

Malcolm’s refusal to adopt a POV left him in the bottom two with Michelle, who failed to de-shell all her crabs, resulting in her dish getting pulled from service for safety hazards. Eventually, Malcolm was sent packing after his very first time seeing The Pitch Room (or, in this week’s case, The Pitch Beach). Check out the clip below to watch all the Food Network Star chef-testants meet Paula for the first time.

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