WATCH: Gail Simmons’ Today Appearance Proves She Deserved An Emmy

Confession: We love Gail Simmons and want her to be our friend. So if you aren’t prepared to partake in a lovefest in which we compliment her profusely, marvel over how well she wears jewel tones, and gush over her adorable dimples, then move along. We’re sure Padma Lakshmi is scowling somewhere, and you can go join her.

Gail visited The Today Show this morning with a flawless, three-ingredient, no-bake, delightfully vintage chocolate cheesecake ice box recipe that we would literally go out and make right now if we didn’t have to wait eight hours for it to set. (We’ve been looking for an excuse to get a stand-up mixer for the office.) Al Roker flew solo alongside her (probably best, considering how yesterday’s all-anchors-on-deck segment with Mark Bittman went), and was all too eager to contribute his part of the prep work (the wafer crumbles) to the dish. At every step Gail demonstrated, Al asked, “Now the cookies?” like an eager child-sous-chef. So cute. When are Al and Gail getting a show?

Sure, they ran out of time and she didn’t get to present her second two treats, but they did successfully extract the ice box cake from its mold without destroying it, and that shit is tricky. Check out the clip below.

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