Is Gwyneth Paltrow Opening A ‘World Class Restaurant’ In Los Angeles?

We do wish Gwyneth would back off the food celebrity angle. Foodies will never accept you if you substitute All Sugar In Every Recipe Ever with agave or honey. No matter how “delightful” the flavor. And as such, “exasperated” is a word we could use to describe our feelings when we saw reports that Gwynny was planning to open a “world class restaurant” with “her good friend chef Mario Batali.” Oh, of course, her good friend Mah-rio. Well that changes everything!

But then we breathed a collective sigh of relief as we realized the story had been run by Star Magazine. Phew! Close one, guys. According to the tabloid, Gwyneth and her BFF Batali were planning on opening a Spanish-style resto, because, “She wants to have a place where she can entertain her L.A. friends.”

We don’t have to think up any Needless Things Rich People Buy jokes to highlight how absurd it is to open a restaurant just so you can have a place to entertain guests, right? Her GOOP spoof does it for us? Cool.

Of course, Gossip Cop came to the rescue and reached out to Paltrow’s rep, who says there is no truth to the claims of this supposed “insider”. So now we can go back to debating whether or not she’s a good pick to play Gabrielle Hamilton in a movie, which is at least a dignified thing to debate, because she’s actually an actress.

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