WATCH: Kickstarting A Documentary On A Family’s 300-Year Knife-Making Legacy

Guys, knives are so cool! We’re not being sarcastic, nor are we professing a love of sharp things, but seriously, a good knife is so good. Which is why we’d really like to see this documentary about a Japanese family who’s made chef’s knives for over 300 years. The thing is, it hasn’t been shot yet — in fact, Kristoffer Brearton, whose films have premiered at the NYC Food Film Festival three years in a row, is hoping that the knife-loving public can pitch in via his Kickstarter.

According to Brearton, the Sakai-based family are masters at forging chef’s knives by hand — but “sadly, it is a dying craft.” In the teaser below, he explains that, “the family is reaching a crossroads in which the trade may end with this generation.  Their 300-year-old story will live on through this film.”

So what will your lunch money be funding? Something that looks a little like this:

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