Last Call: Mission Chinese For Everyone!

Eater: The Mission Chinese cookbook, which will be published under Anthony Bourdain’s imprint, will be a “cookbook-in-conversation” and will talk about all of the Mission Chinese locations that are open when it goes to print in 2014. The important thing to take from this? More Mission Chinese locations will be opening soon!

Lifestyle Mirror: Need a rub for your barbecue this summer? Try the one from John Sage of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Tips on how to grill a dinosaur are not included.

Huffington Post: A restaurant in Pittsburgh called Conflict Kitchen changes its cuisine every three months to reflect that of whatever country the US is currently in conflict with. Are customers are required to find the country on a map before they can order?

Grub Street: China plans to stop serving shark-fin soup at state banquets in the wake of protests over the species’ endangerment. We’re sure Hilary Clinton can recommend a chef if they’re not sure what to serve now.

Daily Meal: According to new reports, caffeine can help lower your risk of skin cancer. And because we know someone, somewhere will need this clarified: drink the coffee, don’t apply it as if it were sunscreen.

New York Daily News: In honor of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest tomorrow, Takeru Kobayashi demonstrates the way he eats during a competition. Warning: There are very few things that are grosser than a soggy hot dog bun.

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