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Last Call: Michelle Obama’s Cookies Edge Out Ann Romney’s In Presidential Cookie Contest

Family Circle: Family Circle has the results of its sixth quadrennial Presidential Cookie Contest, in which the two ladies battling it out for FLOTUS each submit a cookie recipe for a little friendly baking competition. Lady O’s White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie won out over Ann Romney’s M&M cookies by only 287 votes; the smallest margin in the contest’s 20-year history. Interestingly, the winner of the Presidential Cookie Contest has predicted the winner of the presidential race in every case except one. (Cindy McCain’s Oatmeal-Butterscotch Cookies beat out Michelle Obama’s Shortbread Cookies in 2008.) But we suspect that has more to do with oatmeal (the cookie base for 5 of the 6 winning recipes) than anything else.

Twitter: Anthony Bourdain is shooting the last episode of The Layover right now, and the “production vehicle” for it is a Porsche. Well, he had to tweet a pic of a macho car to make up for that dance class photo.

Inside Scoop SF: Let 2013 be known as the year the Zagat Guide got nothing right. On the heels of a New York City Barnes and Noble putting out the NYC Guide before the results were officially announced, the San Francisco Guide spelled its titular city “San Francsico” on the book’s spine. They’re recalling the botched copies.

Twitter: Eric Ripert tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: Just received anonymous call from a @MichelinGuideNY inspector awarding @LeBernardinNY 3 Stars – MAX RATING!!!” BREAKING NEWS! Eric Ripert’s Twitter has been hacked by Captain Obvious!

The Atlantic: Because things are getting real presidential around here, here’s a photo of Mitt Romney chilling with the staff of a Denver-area Chipotle. Can you spot which of these things is not like the other?

Yahoo: And, for the sake of equal opportunity coverage, here’s a portrait of Barack Obama made of Cheetos. Braiser, out.

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