WATCH: Anthony Bourdain’s Bloody Psychological Meltdown On The Congo River

The Congo is, generally speaking, not one of the happiest places on earth, nor one of the places where food is easily accesible. So during his trip up the Congo river for the somber season finale of Parts UnknownAnthony Bourdain brought his own food along with him: live chickens, potatoes, Johnny Walker Red, and SPAM (of course). What follows as he and his crew attempt to eat dinner could be used as an analysis of why Mr. Kurtz went insane in Heart of Darkness.

Because, really, a coq au vin should be relatively simple, right? Well it’s not when you’re sawing a chicken’s head off with a blunt serrated knife while it’s flailing around in a cone. (Also, that song.)

And as the night falls and the bugs come out and the crew still hasn’t eaten and that knife isn’t working, sanity is optional:

(Though it’s nothing a little whiskey and SPAM can’t solve — but yeah, no wonder he called it the most difficult shoot of his life.)

WATCH: Anthony Bourdain’s Wishes Come True In The Congo
Bourdain Describes ‘Most Terrifying, Stressful, Physically Difficult Shoot Of [His] Life’

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