Wolfgang Puck To Join Judges Panel For Top Chef Season 10 (In Seattle!)

It’s official: Top Chef Season 10 is a thing, it’s premiering on November 7th, and it’s going to be in Seattle! (Totally called it.)

You can check out the possible locations and the biographies of the new cheftestants on Bravo’s official site, but the biggest, Chef-iest news of all, is that Wolfgang Puck has been brought on as a permanent judge. Whether it’s permanent as in “he’ll judge every challenge, like Hubert Keller did on Top Chef: Just Desserts”, or it’s permanent as in “Heeeeeey, Anthony Bourdain is a judge this season, but you’re only going to be seeing him occasionally because he’s busy watching My Little Pony with his daughter“, is not clear yet.

But Puck, who last made an appearance during the Vegas season, joins Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, Gail Simmons, Emeril Lagasse, and Hugh Acheson at the Judges’ Table, while 21 contestants vie for the title of Top Chef. Holy moly, 21?! And one of them is named Jeff Jew? This is promising.


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