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Busybody Drops Dime on Goats Taking Over Welsh Town During Coronavirus Lockdown, Goats Defy Cops

Manchester Evening News journalist Andrew Stuart called the cops on some goats who had taken over a town in Wales during the coronavirus lockdown, but the goats weren’t about to let the fuzz dissuade them from their opportunistic foray.

A group of goats is called a “trip,” and one such gathering lived up to that name this week when Stuart, a videographer, spotted them from inside a pub in the township of Llandudno in Wales, and sprang into action.

Stuart documented the ordeal on Twitter, where he posted video and wrote “I think I just got a group of goats in Llandudno arrested.”

Stuart, a professional videographer, continued to film in portrait mode as the goats grazed the empty streets.

Eventually, Stuart got the aspect ratio right, and scolded some of the goats for failing to maintain proper social distancing.

That’s when Stuart decided to become part of the story, and call the cops on the goats.

Stuart filmed the cops’ arrival, ad missed a golden opportunity to sing “Bad goats, bad goats, whatcha gonna do?”

But the goats came back the next morning, more determined than ever.

Maybe they made BAAHHL.

The extraordinary social distancing measures being taken around the world have led to several changes to the natural order, including the reemergence of dolphins and swans in Italy and some puppies who took over the Georgia Aquarium. Nobody called the police on those critters.

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