Chris Christie Preaching Masks After Week-Long Battle in ICU With Covid: ‘There is no Downside’


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is preaching mask-wearing after a serious hospitalization with COVID-19 that followed several well-publicized events at which he failed to take that precaution — including the “super-spreader” Rose Garden event for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Christie — who has long advocated for the wearing of masks, but did not do so himself at that now-infamous ceremony or when he prepped President Donald Trump for his first debate — was recently released from the hospital after a week in the intensive care unit.

And in a Friday morning interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, Christie offered the gentlest possible quasi-criticism of Trump.

Asked if the White House had learned a lesson from the outbreak in its midst, Christie said “I hope so. I heard the president say last night that he has no problem with masks. I think we should be even more affirmative about it.”

“That’s why I put out the statement I did. We need to be telling people that there is no downside to you wearing masks, and in fact there can be a great deal of upside,” Christie added. “And I think if we all do that, that’s one of the things that we can contribute as Americans. I think we need to be honest with the American people and just say directly to them that we don’t know everything we need to know about this disease at this point, George, but what we do know is that masks can certainly help.”

Stephanopoulos went on to ask Christie if he’s spoken directly to Trump in order to “convince him to step it up?”

“We’ve spoken a number of times, he called me a number of times both when I was in the hospital and since I’ve returned home. And I’ve said this all along, that this is what we need to be doing. Everybody’s going to make their own decisions on that but I think no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re at a rally for your preferred candidate whether you’re out at the supermarket, whether you’re at a protest, no matter what you’re doing, you should have a mask on and you should try to remain socially distant from folks. I did it for 7 months George, and I stayed healthy. I didn’t do it for 4 days and I wound up in the ICU,” Christie said.

Asked about Trump’s ongoing maskless rallies, Christie went on to add that “both candidates” need to encourage those precautions.

In July, Christie told The Washington Post that “You [Trump] him now saying everyone should be wearing a mask and I think you’re going to see the president when he’s out and exposed to people…wearing a mask much more frequently than you’ve seen him wear it in the past…setting a good example by wearing a mask would be the right thing to do.”

Before he was infected with the disease, Trump had worn a mask in public three times.

Watch the clip above via ABC News.

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