CNN Gushes About Falling Gas Prices: ‘A Potential Antidote For Inflation’


CNN’s Brianna Keilar introduced a gushing segment about falling gasoline and heating gas prices by calling them a “potential antidote for inflation.”

On Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s New Day, the top story for the 7 o’clock hour was the recent drop in gas prices, and the prospect of lower prices to come.

“We are beginning with some breaking news, a potential antidote for inflation: Gas prices are going down,” Keilar said, adding that prices are projected to continue going down through next year.

“But wait, there’s more!” co-anchor John Berman chimed in. “Remember all those warnings about skyrocketing home heating costs this winter? Well, those costs are also dropping dramatically.”

He then tossed to CNN Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans, who got into more detail.

Romans called the drop in prices “welcome relief for American consumers,” and noted that “The government says prices at the pump should keep dropping, falling below three bucks a gallon next year.”

Romans also cited the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration projection that gas prices will average $2.88 per gallon in 2022.

“This is based on projections that global oil production will increase faster than demand,” Romans said.

Romans also reported that gasoline is  “currently at a seven-week low” of $3.34 per gallon, and that “recent drops in crude oil prices are now showing up at the pump finally.”

“Meanwhile, those dire predictions of sky-high home heating costs likely may not come true this winter,” Romans said, adding that heating prices are “down about 40 percent from the October peak.”

Romans cited the rise in wages and the upcoming Social Security cost of living increase of 5.9 percent — “the biggest increase in that check in about 40 years” — as additional factors that could “help cushion the inflation you’ve been feeling this year.”

Gas prices have been a conspicuous driver of inflation, and of the media coverage surrounding it.

Watch above via CNN.

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