CNN Reporter Says Lawless Seattle Area is ‘Peaceful’ As Man Tries to Ruin His Shot


CNN’s Dan Simon on Thursday evening was interrupted during a live report from Seattle’s lawless Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone by a man trying to organize locals to disrupt his broadcast — even as Simon described the area as a “street festival” that was largely “peaceful.”

“There’s food being served. There’s a medical tent. People are camping out. There’s live music at night. They’re watching movies. So it’s sort of, you know, a contradictory situation, on the one hand, it began with force, but right now it’s peaceful,” Simon said in the report for CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Cooper tried to ask Simon a question about the area being taken over by “terrorists” when the man entered his shot and began shouting for people to join him. “The president makes it sound like this is an area that has been taken over and is being ruled by, you know, somebody — is being ruled by, by, by, I don’t know how we would describe them.”

“Well, folks can certainly come and go,” Simon responded. This area has traditionally been a community, a neighborhood, where there’s been a bastion of free speech, and people can come together. If in fact there is going to be federal officers, or federal law enforcement, come to this area, it is not going to be a pretty situation.”

He added, “No doubt some of these protesters are armed, Anderson, so you have to worry about the potential for bloodshed, the potential for violence, if in fact they’re going to remove these people by force.”

President Donald Trump on Thursday responded to news that the area had been taken over by a rapper known as Raz Simone — who has allegedly been patrolling the streets with automatic weapons — with a tweet decrying “domestic terrorists.” Raz responded with a tweet denying that he was a “terrorist warlord.”

Watch above via CNN.

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