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CNN’s Kate Bolduan Shocked As Hospital Exec Says They’re Sewing Together Their Own Coronavirus Masks

A Georgia hospital executive shocked CNN’s Kate Bolduan by telling her that his employees are sewing together their own coronavirus masks to make up for shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday morning’s edition of CNN’s At This Hour, Bolduan introduced her guest — Scott Steiner, president and CEO of Phoebe Putney Health System — by reminding viewers that “We told you about a Georgia hospital system saying it had ripped through 5 months worth of protective gear in just 6 days,” then asked Steiner “Can you tell us why your team had to go through 5 months of supplies in 6 days?”

Steiner told Bolduan that the hospital had been “over-buying supplies,” but that even that didn’t anticipate their needs.

“We began to see our influx of patients last Tuesday and last Wednesday,” and that as of now, “we have gone through five months, now six months worth of supplies in less than a week.”

“We are scrambling, we are scrambling,” he continued, and held up what he explained was an N95 protective mask.

“We’ve got three days of supply of N95 masks on hand,” he explained, and said “In order to preserve these and get them to last longer, we have got a team of people sewing masks together, this is a surgical sheeting, and this is our prototype.:

Steiner held up a makeshift mask and said “We’ve got about 3,000 of these made, we believe we can make 200,000 of them. It will take a few weeks but this is the kind of what we’re having to do because we don’t know when that next shipment is coming.”

“Wait Scott, I don’t want to interrupt, but that is amazing the lengths that you’re having to go to now,” Bolduan said, and asked him to explain the masks.

Steiner explained that normally the masks are intended for single use, but “by being able to cover it with these masks made of surgical sheeting, we can extend the life of these so instead of going through eight or nine or ten a day, maybe an employee can only go through two or three because we’re running short and we’re concerned about running out.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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