Conservative Writer Violently Beaten, Milkshaked By Antifa at Portland Rally


Quillette editor Andy Ngo was beaten up and had milkshakes thrown at him by Antifa protestors during a rally in Portland.

The video from Oregonian reporter Jim Ryan appears to show Antifa protestors throwing milkshakes at Ngo, with some of them punching and kicking him.

The Oregonian reported multiple demonstrations were planned for Portland on Saturday, with one involving the right-wing group the Proud Boys and planned counter-protests involving a local Antifa group.

Ngo said he went to the hospital as a result of his injuries and the suspects were still at large. In a video he posted, Ngo’s face was bruised and bloody from various cuts.

Later Saturday, Portland Police said they advised people to clear the streets.

“Throwing substances and objects at people constitutes harassment. If you participate in this behavior you are subject to arrest,” Portland police said. They soon began telling crowds to “disperse immediately.”

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