Elizabeth Warren Unveils Bill to Redirect Money From ‘Racist Border Wall’ to Fight Coronavirus

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Sen. (and presidential candidate) Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) introduced a bill on Thursday that would divert funds for Donald Trump’s border wall to help combat the coronavirus outbreak.

“The coronavirus outbreak poses serious health, diplomatic, and economic threats to the United States, and we must be prepared to confront it head-on,” Warren stated in a press release.

“Rather than use taxpayer dollars to pay for a monument to hate and division, my bill will help ensure that the federal government has the resources it needs to adequately respond to this emergency,” the Senator added.

Warren’s bill requested that “all border wall funding” goes “to the Department of Health and Human Services and USAID to combat coronavirus.” This move would generate $10 billion in funding.

The White House had previously proposed $2.5 billion to combat coronavirus, while Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer requested $8.5 billion.

“The United States government must do more to address the spread of the deadly coronavirus in a smart, strategic, and serious way and we stand ready to work in a bipartisan fashion in Congress and with the administration to achieve this necessary goal,” Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also announced on Thursday.

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