‘He’s a Butcher!’ Biden Slams Putin Moments After Meeting with Ukrainian Refugee Children


An emotional President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “butcher” following a visit with Ukrainian refugees, many of the children.

On Saturday morning, the president visited PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw, Poland to interact with the refugees who have flooded into the country from Ukraine, and cameras were there to document the event.

After meeting with refugees for about half an hour, the president spoke with reporters. He described meeting with refugee children, and in response to a reporter’s question, told then exactly what he thought of Putin:

PRESIDENT BIDEN: It’s incredible to see all those little children just wanted a, just want to hug, just want to say thanks. I mean there, I mean, it’s. And it just makes you so damn proud. And they’re are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. And you know, the Ukrainian people are… Each one of those children said something to effect, say a prayer for my dad, for my grandfather or my brother. Who’s back there fighting. And I remember what it’s like when you have someone in a war zone, every morning you get up and you wonder, you just wonder, you pray you don’t get that phone call. And they’re an amazing group of people.

REPORTER: What do you make? How does this make you of (inaudible) cities like Mariupol?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: They got nothing. I met two people from M ariupol. It’s. It’s astounding.

REPORTER: You see this and you’re, you know, you’re dealing every day with Vladimir Putin. And you look at what he’s done to these people. What does it make you think?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: He’s a butcher.

President Biden is slated to give a major address “on the united efforts of the free world to support the people of Ukraine, hold Russia accountable for its brutal war, and defend a future that is rooted in democratic principles.”

That speech, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland, will begin at 6 pm, 1 pm Eastern Time in the United States.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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