‘Journalism is in Trouble’: Fox’s Howard Kurtz Says NY Times-Tom Cotton ‘Fiasco’ Shows Why the Country ‘No Longer Trusts the Media’


Fox News’ Howard Kurtz said Monday the New York Times kerfuffle involving Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) indicates “journalism is in trouble.”

“It’s an absolute fiasco for the New York Times, and a big gift for Tom Cotton,” Kurtz said in an interview with Fox’s Dana Perino. Kurtz noted the paper’s editorial page editor, James Bennet, and publisher A.G. Sulzberger initially defended a decision to publish an op-ed from Cotton before reversing course as a result of objections from the paper’s staff.

“The irony here is that James Bennet, a very smart guy, was out there defending the decision on the grounds of there should be some diverse opinion for New York Times readers, beyond the liberal orthodoxy peddled by the paper, to run the senator’s piece. And his boss, A.G. Sulzberger … was also defending it until the pressure from the internal staff rebellion … got to be so great that they just completely flipped and denounced the piece.”

The Times on Sunday announced Sunday that Bennet was resigning from his position, with Sulzberger claiming Bennet presided over “a significant breakdown” in the paper’s editing process. In earlier statements, the paper said Bennet never read the op-ed prior to publication, and that a 25-year-old editor had made the decision to publish it.

Kurtz said the media’s breakdown began during President Donald Trump’s candidacy in 2015. “There’s been such overwhelmingly negative coverage of this president. Some in the media have argued he’s such a dangerous figure, he’s such an authoritarian figure, that we have to change our standards, we have to take a more activist approach to this president. When you take that approach, you’re no longer really practicing journalism or at least even attempting to be fair.

“Now we see this playing out in a very difficult racial period for our country,” Kurtz added. “If we’re at a point where even one of the nation’s largest newspapers feels it has to cave and attack a piece that it commissioned from a United States senator, whose view about the military actually has majority support in many polls, this is not a fringe guy pushing some fringe idea. Then I think journalism’s in trouble. This is why a major chunk of the country no longer trusts the media.”

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