Laura Ingraham Hosts Stephen Miller While Condemning Biden’s Deportation Freeze as ‘Inciting Violence Against the U.S.’


Former White House adviser and hardline nativist Stephen Miller made his first TV appearance since leaving the Trump administration, landing on an Ingraham Angle panel on Thursday night to heap vitriol on President Joe Biden’s just-announced 100-day deportation freeze.

Host Laura Ingraham kicked off the conversation with a not-so-subtle attempt at equating Biden’s temporary halt to immigrant removals to the violent, Capitol insurrection by a pro-Trump mob two week ago.

“For all the left’s talk of former President Trump’s alleged incitement, well, our next guest says President Biden opened the door to violence. Joining me now is Miller — Stephen Miller,” she said by way of introduction.

“If you read the text of this order, it is breathtaking and mind-boggling,” Miller said, wasting no time in assailing Biden. “It holds all deportations, all deportations, for 100 days, including the most hardened criminals living in United States. That means child molesters, sex offenders, drug dealers, gang members, MS-13, all shielded from removal. This is a priority of our new president? With a raging pandemic? His top priority?”

As he spoke, Ingraham’s show ran a chyron saying “New Biden Immigration Plans Invite Violence”

Miller was perhaps the most well-known, hardcore nativist in Donald Trump’s inner circle and was frequent target of critics who leveled charges of racism and xenophobia at him. A former Breitbart editor flatly declared Miller a “white supremacist” last year and the New York Times also unearthed emails from Miller, back when he was a Senate aide, where he repeatedly cited white nationalist and xenophobic websites while crafting immigration policy and in discussions with conservative allies.

Moments later, Ingraham asked Miller suggested that the deportation freeze would spark a surge of illegal immigration, which could exacerbate the Covid-19 pandemic.

“If you’re from Europe and you fly and you have to quarantine for 14 days,” Ingraham pointed out, referring to new international travel restrictions Biden just put in place. “But if you’re coming from Honduras illegally from the country, you make a stop over and whoever has a bed and then you’re released into the country under this new provision. What does it say about their seriousness about law and order after the Capitol riot and then Covid in the real world today?”

“With this memo, what it says is that Americans are second-class citizens in their own country,” a profusely sweating Miller said, launching into yet another rant. “It says while you’re locked in your home, subject to one mandate after another, while you can’t go to a restaurant or bar, whatever you may think about the lengths of those measures, if you’re an illegal alien you can do whatever you want, including committing crimes against U.S. citizens.”

Miller then decried that Biden had suspended “hundreds of pages of immigration law with the stroke of a pen,” conveniently omitting the fact that his former boss defied Congress and provoked a Constitutional clash by signing a national emergency provision to divert funds from the military to build a small section of border wall, Trump’s pet political project.

“That’s not who we are as a country, Laura, that’s just wrong,” Miller claimed.

Moments later, Ingraham closed out the segment by going even further than her show’s earlier chyron, in what was a clear attempt to paint Democrats as having done what she said the MAGA mob that stormed the Capitol was “alleged” to be guilty of.

“So, Joe Biden through this memo, through these priorities is, in effect, is inciting violence against the United States. That is something. Gentlemen, thank you so much.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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