Nancy Pelosi GOES OFF on Reporter Who Tries to Blame Democrats for Inaction on Gun Control


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi completely lost it on a reporter for asking whether she regretted not calling the House back from recess to work on gun reform, saying she was “getting very angry about the silliness of these questions” and blaming Mitch McConnell for continued deaths from gun violence.

On Tuesday, San Francisco Chronicle reporter Tal Kopan approached Pelosi on Capitol Hill and asked “Do you have any regrets about not bringing the House back in August to keep the flame lit on gun violence?”

“No, absolutely not,” Pelosi said. “We did our jobs. The Senate was supposed to come back. Why don’t you all get that straight? The Senate did not come back to pass the bill.”

“I’m getting very angry about the silliness of these questions,” an animated Pelosi continued, adding “Lives are at stake. Senator McConnell is standing in the way. We passed our bill in February. Members had events all over the country to ask him to bring up the bill.”

“Don’t ask me what we haven’t done. We have done it,” Pelosi said, and unapologetically added “If you are annoyed with my impatience, it’s because people are dying because Senator McConnell hasn’t acted. Why don’t you go ask him if he has any regrets for all the people who died because he hasn’t acted?”

The House of Representatives passed HR 8 in February, a bill that would have prohibited the type of private purchase that was used to obtain the weapon that was involved in the mass shooting in Odessa at the end of August.

Kopan noted that Pelosi was “maybe the angriest I’ve seen her” over the question.

When Twitter user Chris Evans (not Captain America) posted the viral clip and said “Well damn. Nancy just dragged the FUCK out of that reporter. Are there any follicles left on her scalp?” Koopan took it in stride.

“Scalp is doing just fine, thanks for your concern,” she wrote.

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

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