NBC Reporter: Law Enforcement Believes El Paso Shooter Posted ‘Wildly Anti-Immigrant Manifesto’

NBC reporter Ben Collins said that law enforcement are looking into an unconfirmed manifesto reportedly written by the suspect in the El Paso shooting that left at least 20 people dead

In his report, Collins said police investigators are “reasonably confident” that suspect Patrick Crusius posted the manifesto on an extremist online forum. Police are describing writings from the suspect as “a nexus to a potential hate crime.”

Law enforcement sources told Collins it is too soon to draw any conclusion from the posting about Crusius’s possible motive. He also said law enforcement have not confirmed the suspect wrote the document.

Collins also discussed his reporting with Ali Velshi at multiple points during MSNBC’s breaking news coverage of the El Paso shooting.

“It’s basically a racist manifesto about people crossing over the border and how he believes the country is full, basically,” Collins said. “That’s the gist of it.”

“It’s a wildly anti-immigrant manifesto. It’s three pages of hatred against immigrants and people viewed basically as invaders to the United States … people generally on this extremist forum where these people get radicalized believe that there is only so much space or only so many jobs in this country and they’re being replaced by Mexican immigrants,” Collins said.

Collins also compared it to the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting and other mass shootings that have also involved extremist forums.

CNN’s Brian Stelter also reported that law enforcement is looking into the purported manifesto.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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