Pelosi: Same GOP That Impeached Clinton for ‘Being Stupid’ Is Ignoring Trump Jeopardizing National Security


During a CNN town hall, Speaker Nancy Pelosi contrasted the GOP’s 1998 push to impeach President Bill Clinton for “being stupid” and lying under oath about personal indiscretions with the Republican Party’s steadfast refusal to consider the impeachment of President Donald Trump for having “undermined our national security.”

Pelosi, sharing the stage with host Jake Tapper, made her comments after an audience question that asked her about why she resisted impeachment efforts against President George W. Bush and why she was also reluctant to pursue it against Trump earlier this year.

“When I became Speaker the first time, there was overwhelming call for me to impeach President Bush on the strength of the war in Iraq which I vehemently opposed,” she noted. “I knew there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq. It just wasn’t there. They had to show the Gang of Four all the intelligence they had. The intelligence did not show that that was the case. So I knew it was a misrepresentation to the public. But having said that, it was a — in my view, not a grounds for impeachment.”

“But I said, if somebody wants to make a case, bring it forward, but they had impeached Bill Clinton for personal indiscretion and misrepresenting about it,” Pelos pointed out. “Some of these same people are [now] saying, ‘Oh, this doesn’t rise to impeachment.’ Right there, impeaching Bill Clinton for being stupid in terms of something like that.”

As the audience chuckled at her pithy putdown of the former president, Pelosi took care to add: “I mean, I love him, I think he was a great president, but being stupid in terms of that, and what would somebody do, not to embarrass their family. But in any event, so they did Bill Clinton, now they want me to do George Bush, I just didn’t want it to be a way of life in our country.”

She then addressed her more recent hesitancy to push for impeachment based on the Special Counsel investigation and called out the hypocrisy of Republicans who have stubbornly denied all the evidence the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry has uncovered about potential abuse of power and obstruction by Trump over Ukraine.

“As far as the Mueller report, there was a good deal of academics, a thousand legal experts wrote a statement that said the Mueller report, what’s in there is an impeachable offense,” she recounted. “But it wasn’t so clear to the public. The Ukraine has removed all doubt. It was self-evident that the president undermined our national security, jeopardized the integrity of our elections, as he violated his oath of office. There’s just — that’s something that cannot be ignored.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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