Seb Gorka Called ‘Embarrassment’ for Dubious Claim in Smearing Legendary Marine Gen. Mattis as ‘No Marine’


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Pro-Trump radio host Sebastian Gorka was deemed an “embarrassment” for using a stint teaching at Marine Corps University Foundation as cover to say that Marine Corps General James Mattis isn’t a real Marine.

In a recent op-ed in America Greatness, Gorka railed against former Defense Secretary General Jim Mattis, while bragging about how he had spent “two-and-a-half years” at “’Crossroads of the Corps’, teaching at the Marine Corps University in Quantico.”

The article absurdly begins, “I’m not a Marine, but I know the Marines,” then goes immediately into his questionable brag.

With 12-and-a-half years teaching the U.S. military under my belt, I can sincerely say, hand on heart, that the two-and-a-half years I spent at the “Crossroads of the Corps,” teaching at the Marine Corps University in Quantico, were the most meaningful and fulfilling of all. What I learned there leads me to the ineluctable conclusion: Jim Mattis is no Marine.

Professor of Security Studies at Marine Corps University James Joyner tweeted that Gorka wasn’t hired by the university but rather the foundation, adding his tenure was “an embarrassment.”

“Marine Corps University didn’t hire Gorka; our Foundation did. He’d previously worked at National Defense University,” Joyner stated. “Still, it’s an embarrassment that he was allowed to deliver lectures and an elective.”

Joyner added in subsequent tweets that a “committee of fellow scholars” didn’t hire Gorka, but that he was an “outside chair” hired by the foundation.

Gorka didn’t respond to multiple inquiries for comment from Mediaite.

As to what appears to have left Gorka trending on Twitter: President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning responded to a tweet that quoted Gorka’s opinion piece.

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