‘Take A Look At What He’s Done!’ Elizabeth Warren Hits Back At CNN Poll On Biden’s Age — On CNN


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) pushed back on a CNN poll about President Joe Biden’s age — in an interview with CNN anchor Abby Phillip.

CNN created a lot of buzz with a poll last week that was chock full of negative data points about the president — including public opinion about his age.

On Tuesday night’s edition of CNN Primetime, Phillip asked Warren about that poll’s finding that “roughly three-quarters of Americans say they are worried about President Biden’s age,” and the senator pushed back by telling Phillip that Biden “is delivering for the American people”:

PHILLIP: Meanwhile, as we go into this presidential cycle, a recent CNN poll shows that roughly three-quarters of Americans say they are worried about President Biden’s age and how it might affect his ability to serve out another full term. That actually includes 49 percent of Democrats who say that the president’s age is their biggest concern. Are you worried that this is going to hamper his chances in this upcoming race? And what can you do about it?

WARREN: You know, every time I get this question, I say, take a look at what he’s done. This is the president who’s delivered $35 insulin. This is the president who has delivered the biggest climate package in the history of the world, paid for by a 15 percent minimum corporate tax, first big corporation tax increase in 30 years. This is the president who’s now put a cap that’s going to go into effect, so seniors don’t have to pay more than $2,000 on their medical bills. This is a president who’s getting rid of junk fees.

Day by day by day, President Biden is doing the job. He is delivering for the American people. And I think when we get ready to do the election in 2024, that that’s what the American people will see. We have a president who is doing what he said he would do. He’s not working for those at the top. He is working for America’s working families. He is building the middle class from the bottom up, from the middle out. He is out there actually not talking about it. He’s doing the job that we hired him to do in 2020. And I think we’ll rehire him in 2024.

PHILLIP: Well, we will see if that ends up being ultimately enough for many Americans, including many Democrats, who seem to even at this stage be continually concerned about this issue.

Watch above via CNN Primetime.

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