Trump Claims Joe Biden Will Finish Border Wall Because There Will Be a ‘Revolution’ if He Doesn’t


President Donald Trump repeatedly claimed that if elected, former Vice President Joe Biden would complete Trump’s signature border wall.

In a moment that was flagged by CNN’s Daniel Dale, Trump was asked about Biden’s recent comments about the wall.

“Your opponent said recently that he would not guarantee he’d continue this construction on the wall, he’s saying that there are other priorities we need to spend money on,” John Hook of Fox 10 Phoenix told Trump in an interview this week.

“What he wants open borders, he wants people pouring into our country, and he wants, you know, drugs and all the other problems,” Trump claimed. Biden supports comprehensive immigration reform, but not open borders or drugs and all the other problems.

“You’ll never solve it without this,” Trump said, indicating the wall, and added “No, he’ll complete it. You’d have a revolution if they didn’t do it.”

“People are so happy with it. And this is a large piece but wherever we have the wall, it just stops a dead. You can’t get over it. It stops at dead. So illegal immigration is a big problem, open borders a big problem, crime comes in, tremendous drugs, human trafficking. Hopefully he won’t get the chance, I’m not sure he would even know the difference,” Trump said.

He repeated the claim that Biden would complete the wall several minutes later, as well.

Trump has only completed three miles of wall where no barrier previously existed, and over 200 miles of new “wall system” — which has been tested and defeated multiple times by power tools, climbers, a magician, and the wind.

The most recent polling on the issue makes a revolution seem unlikely as well, as it is consistent with the significant majorities that have opposed the construction of the wall since Trump took office.

Watch the clip above via Fox 10 Phoenix.

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