WATCH: Viral Video Shows Men Going Over Wall Trump Said ‘Can’t Be Climbed’ in Mere Seconds


A viral video published by Deseret Sun photojournalist J. Omar Ornelas shows two men using a ladder to defeat the replacement border fence that President Donald Trump said “can’t be climbed.”

In September, Trump visited the Otay Mesa border site to extol the virtues of the replacement barrier that’s being installed there, and went on an extended riff about how difficult the fence would be to climb.

Trump said the wall had been tested by “world-class mountain climbers,” and referenced “pictures of young people climbing walls with drugs on their back — a lot of drugs.”

Trump was describing a viral video from 2016 that was shot by a Mexican journalist.

“I mean, they’re unbelievable climbers. This wall can’t be climbed. This is very, very hard,” Trump said.

But on Tuesday, Ornelas posted video of two men using a ladder to climb a section of that fence, and once at the top, on of the men shimmies down the other side in a matter of seconds.

“This is the newly replaced wall along the US/MEXICO border. #TheWall” Ornelo wrote.

This video follows other reports that smugglers have used common power tools to defeat the new design, as well.

Since taking office, Trump has built zero miles of new border barrier, and procured zero dollars from Mexico to pay for any new barrier.

Two weeks ago, Trump Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan  confirmed that no new miles have been built, but announced that the administration has “broken ground” on new barrier in the Rio Grande Valley.

Watch the video above, via J. Omar Ornelas.

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