Trump Immigration Ban Announcement Unleashes Confusion, Debunking, and Fury: ‘It’s Virtue Signaling, But as Racism’

President Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump’s abrupt announcement via social media late on Monday night, that he was planning on  temporarily banning immigration into the United States, set off a torrent of online fury, confusion, and charges of xenophobia.

Maggie HabermanNew York Times’ White House correspondent, added some context to the report, suggesting that Trump’s seemingly blanket announcement would, in fact, not be so broad-based, much like his much-touted Covid-19 China travel ban on Jan. 31, which included numerous, large loopholes.

Notably, Trump’s sudden announcement came just two days after his former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions — whom Trump still loathes for having recused himself from the Russiagate investigation — called for almost the very same immigration ban on Fox News.

But the logic behind Trump’s announcement escaped numerous pundits and political observers, some of whom pointed out the crucial role immigrant labor plays in the economy.

In fact, some noted that Trump’s apparent, sweeping ban flies in the face of his own administration’s current attempts at bringing in more foreign workers to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

Others noted the contradictory message Trump was sending right now — that American businesses are more than ready for a return to normal, but that the country’s borders must be shut down to protect the frail economy.

Sensing a political stunt, many claimed this bombshell was merely an attempt to distract the press from his administration’s coronavirus response while shoring up support among his nativist base.

A few went for not-so-subtle snark…

And, finally, there was the smart money assumption that what Trump tweets in one moment does not end up what Trump says he means later, which is altogether different from what his administration ends up actually doing.

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