Trump Lawyer Laughs Out Loud When Kaitlan Collins Asks ‘Will Trump Show Up’ For Court


Trump attorney Jim Trusty laughed when CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins asked if ex-President Donald Trump will show up in court next Tuesday to face a reported 7-count indictment.

Trump himself broke the blockbuster news Thursday that he has been indicted in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into classified documents under the Espionage Act, news that shook the political world.

On Thursday night’s edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Collins scored a major coup when she interviewed Trusty for the first time since news of the indictment broke.

The interview was contentious at times, with Trusty rattling off wild claims, then refusing to provide basic information like what date the DOJ sent the target letter to Trump’s team. Trusty let out a laugh when Collins asked if Trump is going to “show up” for court:

COLLINS: And I know — I know that’s why you went to the Justice Department on Monday, to air your grievances about how this investigation has been conducted.

But, again, this is historic. You’re right. Your client has been indicted. He’s the first former president to face federal charges. What day did you get the target letting you know that he was indeed a target in this investigation?

TRUSTY: Look, let me just put it to you this way. Witnesses don’t have raids at their houses, OK?

We have known he’s a target probably for seven years.

COLLINS: But when did you get the formal letter? Because that changes it.

TRUSTY: But we’ve certainly known it — I’m not going to get into that.

COLLINS: Why not?

TRUSTY: The internal communication stuff is not something I’m comfortable throwing out, because it’s between the attorneys, OK?

COLLINS: Well, you feel comfortable coming on and making these allegations.

TRUSTY: I didn’t tell you what the conversation was with Jack.

COLLINS: But, Jim, you feel comfortable making these allegations about who’s on the special counsel’s team.


COLLINS: Why can’t you say when they sent you the target letter?

TRUSTY: Because I have no interest in reporting on those types of facts of communications. So, sorry.

COLLINS: Which legal team will be with Trump when he shows up on Tuesday? Will he show up on Tuesday?


TRUSTY: Yes, he’s going to show up.

Look, he knows he’s innocent. He knows this is garbage. He knows there’s fundamental flaws with each one of the counts that they’re apparently putting in this indictment. And he knows that the whole process, starting from the archivist, was a corrupt and politicized one.

So he’s not shrinking from the fight. He’s disappointed that this is where we are as a country, and this is where the Department of Justice is. But he’s not — you’re not going to see him hide in Scotland. He’s going to be ready to handle this case and help his attorneys fight it.

And we will see. It’ll make some excitement to see who shows up at the table on Tuesday, I guess.

COLLINS: So, it’s not clear which attorneys will be with him; is that what you’re saying?

Because, so far, it’s been you, John Rowley, Lindsey Halligan handling this.

TRUSTY: Yes, we will see where — we will see where it all goes.

COLLINS: OK. So you’re leaving the door open that other attorneys could be joining. We will see what that looks like.

Watch above via Anderson Cooper 360.

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