Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Defends Liz Cheney: Purging Her for Telling the Truth Would ‘Diminish the Party’

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The Wall Street Journal editorial board came to the defense of Liz Cheney, with her expulsion from House GOP leadership expected next week.

Cheney has been one of the most outspoken Republicans calling out former President Donald Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election. Intra-party friction has spilled into the public, with House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s comments about dissatisfaction with Cheney in the conference (not to mention his hot mic comments going after Cheney himself).

The Journal editorial board writes that McCarthy clearly knows Cheney is right and that the election wasn’t stolen.

“Yet Mr. Trump wants an endorsement of his stolen claim to be a litmus test for every Republican candidate. He’s the one who wants to refight his losing campaign,” it reads.

The editorial says Cheney “may be ousted because she is daring to tell the truth to GOP voters—and at personal political risk,” and “purging” her for that would just “diminish the party.”

The piece warns Republicans about looking “foolish” if they keep re-litigating the 2020 election based on Trump’s nonsense.

“Even as President Biden proposes the largest expansion of government in decades, Mr. Trump is spending his energy settling scores in his own party,” it says. “He’s thrown his loyal Vice President over the side because Mike Pence refused to pull an unconstitutional stunt to invalidate the pro forma Electoral College count on Jan. 6. As ever with Mr. Trump, everything is always about him.”

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