WATCH Alan Dershowitz’s Impression of the ‘Scowl’ Bernie Sanders Allegedly Gave Him During Senate Impeachment Speech


Trump defense attorney Alan Dershowitz said Sen. Bernie Sanders scowled at him during his Senate argument against impeaching President Donald Trump and offered a bug-eyed impression of the 2020 Democratic candidate’s alleged angry look.

Speaking with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Dershowitz claimed that several Democratic senators gave him “dirty looks” as he made the widely disputed argument on the Senate floor that Trump could not be impeached if the president had “mixed motives” and thought his re-election was in the “national interest.”

After dangling that bit of gossip, Watters pressed Dershowitz to “name names.”

“Yeah, yeah, I would say Bernie Sanders gave me a scowl,” Dershowitz replied.

“He gives a scowl to everybody, how can you tell?!” Watters shot back, laughing.

“Well, I could tell because I made a hypothetical [argument],” Dershowitz said, making an analogy that notably lacks any element of abuse of power for direct personal gain, which is what Trump stands accused of. “I said what if, some day, a Democrat gets elected president and then the Democrat says to the Israelis ‘Quid pro quo you’re not getting a nickel of the allocated funds unless you stop the settlements.'”

This hypothetical isn’t all that hypothetical, in fact, as at several points in history, past Democratic and Republican US administrations have cut off aid or publicly weighed withholding US loan guarantees to compel Israel to change its policies. Two of the progressive 2020 Democratic candidates, Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have suggested that they would block foreign aid to Israel until that country stops building settlements in occupied territory.

“I made that point, of course, looking at Sanders and he looked back at me scowling, because he would be that Democratic president,” Dershowitz added, as he leaned back and bugged out his eyes in a mock portrayal of Sanders’ alleged outraged reaction. “It wouldn’t be illegal would be foreign policy even though it was a quid pro quo.”

Watch the above video, via Fox News.


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