WATCH: CNN Crew Caught Between Police and Protestors in Violent Clash in Hong Kong

Shocking video shows a CNN crew caught between protestors and police during a violent clash that erupted in Hong Kong over the weekend.

Video shows CNN correspondent Anna Coren running and being pushed around with her crew during the clash.

“The action is centered in a small town near the border with China. Protestors turned out in force again for the continuing pro-democracy protests. Last week, a mob attacked demonstrators with iron bars and sticks leaving dozens of people injured. Today police in riot gear fired tear gas and things got extremely violent in a subway station,” anchor Ana Cabrera said Saturday, introducing the video. “That’s where our correspondent Anna Coren and her crew got caught in the chaos right before they went on the air.”

The video shows Coren trying to guide her crew and the crew rushed around the subway station.

“We have just been charged by riot police into the train this is absolute mayhem. They have just come at the protesters and wielding and it is pandemonium inside here. I have no idea how they are planning to disperse these crowds. It is absolute chaos,” Coren said, delivering her report after she got room to speak.

I have never witnessed anything quite like this where there was a peaceful, peaceful demonstration inside,” she said. “All of a sudden these riot police charged.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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