WATCH Comedian Sarah Cooper’s Spoof Of Trump’s ‘Person Woman Man Camera TV’ Moment


Viral superstar Sarah Cooper delivered the spoof everyone has been waiting for when she posted the latest of her trademark lip-syncs, this time of President Donald Trump’s lengthy explication of a cognitive test that he claims to have “aced.”

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve already seen at least one of Cooper’s viral hits, in which she lip-syncs to a short snippet of Trump’s musings at press conferences and other events, and adds her own visual commentary through the use of gestures, facial expressions, and the occasional prop.

So when the internet exploded after Trump immortalized the words “person woman man camera TV” while boasting about his keen cognitive powers during a Fox News interview, a huge chunk of the online din was devoted to coaxing Cooper into taking it on.

On Thursday night, those pleas were answered, as Cooper posted yet another hilarious bit.

She shared the video on Twitter, and also wrote “Here’s what I learned making this video: Fox News HATES Donald Trump. They could’ve edited this (heavily) and made him not sound so *lost old man* but they didn’t, they kept all the repetitive nonsense intact. Because they actually hate him. Thank you for coming to my ted talk”.

Good things have been happening for Cooper of late. Last month, she dropped a new video during a guest shot on The Tonight Show, and signed a new management contract. This week, Cooper participated in an Instagram Live chat with Senator Kamala Harris, where she teased a lot of big projects that she’s not at liberty to reveal just yet.

Watch the video above via YouTube.

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