WATCH: Laura Ingraham Laughs at, Insults Virus Expert Who Cast Doubt on Hydroxychloroquine During Fox Appearance: ‘Completely Disgusting’


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham laughed at and then insulted a world-renowned biologist and virus expert who had cast serious doubt on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating the coronavirus during an appearance on her network just the day before.

On her Tuesday night show, Ingraham again brought on two doctors she refers to as her “medicine cabinet”: Dr. Stephen Smith, a doctor with a large infectious diseases practice, and Dr. Ramin Oskoui, a cardiologist. Last week, Ingraham and the same two doctors had touted the drug during a private meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House, at which FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn had been summoned to attend. Ingraham has become an outspoken proponent of the drug on her show and Trump has repeatedly promoted hydroxychloroquine at public briefings as a possible therapeutic treatment for the coronavirus, despite the clear reluctance of his task force’s infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and albeit with bizarre “what do I know?” caveats.

Ingraham’s vocal advocacy led her to attack a skeptic of the drug, Dr. William Haseltine, who had been interviewed by Dana Perino on Fox News’ The Daily Briefing on Monday. Haseltine was a professor at Harvard Medical School and has done groundbreaking research on the HIV/AIDS virus. In his Fox appearance, Haseltine said it was “sad to me that people were promoting that drug,” bemoaned the rise of “quack cure[s]” amid every outbreak, and added “at very best, [hydroxychloroquine] will have a very mild effect on changing the course of the disease, if it has any effect at all.”

“Quackery, Dr. Smith!” Ingraham exclaimed after showing a clip of Hasltine before breaking into laughter at his dour assessment of a drug that has yet to pass any large-scale clinical study for treating COVID-19.

“Wow, I’ve never been called a quack,” Smith responded as Ingraham added: “Yep, that’s what he’s calling you, basically.”

“I’m stunned. I mean the scientific evidence is robust. The safety data is unbelievable,” Smith said “You know, people are arguing we shouldn’t get hydroxychloroquine out for prophylaxis or to hoard because the lupus patients couldn’t get it. And then they are saying it’s not safe. Is it not safe or should lupus patients get it? Can’t be both.”

In fact, many medical experts are warning that off-label usage of the drug for the coronavirus, on which it has not been tested in controlled studies, is not safe and might actually prove fatal.

Smith, however, did not address that point.

“Of course it’s safe. Of course the patients do better on it. Our patients do better on it and it’s just data. Look at the data. That’s all I’m saying,” he claimed. “That’s the same sort of data they’re looking at. It’s observational data. But if are going to make an association between the drug — the better outcome, that’s not okay. That kind of illogical approach has no place in medicine or science. It’s just disgusting.”

“It’s completely disgusting,” Ingraham agreed, before pivoting to suggest Haseltine and other medical experts’ objections to the untested use of hydroxychloroquine are merely partisan attacks in disguise. “You have to think at some point it’s only because President Trump brought it up. I mean, he brings it up — he says the sky — he says ‘Down is down.’ ‘No, it’s up.’ It’s all patently obvious to me and you guys are doctors, you don’t have to think this way but I’ve been in this town for way too long. But I see right through their motives and it’s patently obvious to me that they have something that works in large percentage of cases in they’re like” ‘No, it can’t work yet.’ It’s insane.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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