Watch: Local News Station Evacuated While Broadcasting During West Texas Shooting

A local Texas news station got evacuated while it was broadcasting during a shooting Saturday that left multiple people dead.

Video shows the station KOSA-TV, a CBS affiliate in Odessa, getting evacuated while broadcasting its newscast amid the mass shooting that left 5 dead and over 20 people wounded.

You can hear someone telling the anchor “we probably need to go … we probably need to get off the air.”

The anchor agrees and says “we’re going to leave the set, we’re going to slip away for just a minute. We don’t know what’s going on. People are running through the mall so we need to see what this is.”

“That’s what viewers at home saw as everyone was trying to determine what was happening, who was in danger, and, you know, what they needed to do, including that long pause that came after the newscasters left the scene,” CNN anchor Ana Cabrera noted, showing the footage.

Watch above, via CNN.

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