WATCH: Morning Joe’s Heilemann Calls Trump a ‘Blatantly Racist Tin-Pot Dictator’


Morning Joe regular John Heilemann didn’t mince words in assessing President Donald Trump’s premature victory speech, telling MSNBC viewers Trump looked like not just a “blatantly racist tin-pot dictator,” but also a “panicked one.”

On Wednesday morning, Heilemann was discussing former Vice President Joe Biden’s confident Election Night speech in relation to the hotly-anticipated results in the Rust Belt, contrasting it with Trump’s much-derided remarks.

Heilemann said that “Joe Biden seemed confident when he came out in Wilmington and gave his speech,” and added, “unlike Donald Trump, who in his speech not only seemed like a tin-pot dictator, not only seemed like he was a blatantly racist tin-pot dictator but a panicked one.”

In perhaps a telling sign of the times, Heilemann’s declaration that Trump is a racist dictator was not even the main point of the segment, was not a blockbuster, but rather was an aside to observations about polling and election results.

“Joe Biden seemed confident, and I think he felt confident because his team feels extraordinarily confident about knowing where those votes are in those three states, recognizing their similarity, and feeling as though they are going to be able to pull this together in the end when all these votes come through,” Heilemann explained. “They’re going to have all three of those states in their pocket.”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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