WATCH: Prank Bro Proposes to Elizabeth Warren Onstage at Rally, Asks Her to Talk to ‘Incel’ Buddy


The same prankster who disrupted a Joe Biden rally on Saturday later proposed to Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren onstage, and asked her to speak to his “Incel” buddy.

Jason Selvig of the prank duo The Good Liars, along with his partner Davram Stiefler, disrupted a Biden rally in North Liberty, Iowa on Saturday, and hours later showed up to a Warren town hall in Cedar Rapids to try and repeat the trick.

Selvig suddenly appeared on stage as Warren spoke, put up his hand, then said “I just want to ask you a quick question.”

Warren recoiled a few steps, as Selvig got down on one knee and after a long, creepy pause, said “Will you be my candidate for president? Will you marry me?”

“I will be your candidate for president,” Warren said, then hugged him.

Selvig had another “hilarious” gag at the ready, pointing to the crowd and saying “My friend Dale, where’s my friend Dale? There he is. He’s an incel and he just wanted to say his first words to a woman in a long time.”

The accomplice, presumably Stiefler, shouted “Hi Elizabeth!”

“Hi Dale!” Warren said.

“It’s the first time he’s ever spoken to a woman,” Selvig said, forgetting the premise he’d set up just seconds earlier when he said “dale” hadn’t spoken to a woman “in a long time.”

“It’s, it’s, it’s good to see you. I’m glad you’re here Dale, and I’m hanging on to the ring,” Warren joked, then said “So I will be your candidate. Yes. All right, thank you. Take care, take care guys.”

“You know, it’s always exciting to be in Iowa,” Warren said to the crowd, then pointed to husband Bruce Mann and said “Bruce, you okay with this sweetheart? Okay good.”

Warren and Biden handled these incidents with calm and humor, but maybe the campaigns should check into some better security.

Watch the clip above via NowThis.

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