WATCH: Steve Kornacki Hilariously Tries and Fails to Think of Some Other Way to Say ‘Big Dump’ of Votes


MSNBC analyst Steve Kornacki nearly shorted out live on the air as he tried to think of some other way to describe a large tranche of mail-in votes from Nevada, before finally surrendering to the allure of the “very big dump.”

Kornacki and his trademark “Big Board” have become superstars in the very long month that Election Day has become, and the breakneck pace of gaming out vote counts from hotly-contested battleground states has taken an admirably small toll on both Kornacki and his CNN counterpart John King.

But on Thursday afternoon, Kornacki ran into a glitch that could’ve defeated even the freshest cable newser, as he reported on former Vice President Joe Biden’s glacially-expanding lead over President Donald Trump in Nevada.

Discussing the tens of thousands of mail-in ballots still outstanding in Clark County, Kornacki told viewers that County officials were “looking forward to this noon eastern time dump of votes,” and added “We all thought this would be a very big –,” then hesitated, then repeated “this was going to be a very big –,” then hesitated again before just giving in and saying “that this was going to be a very big dump of votes at noon today.”

Ever the pro, Kornacki plowed on through the segment, explaining that the 15,000 votes released were a much smaller dump than anticipated. We’ve all been there.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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